What We Do

Cape Animal Fertility Clinic offers numerous services to breeders. The following is a brief description of our service.

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Cycle Monitoring

We monitor the cycles of bitches to establish the ideal dates for breeding. Monitoring includes vaginoscopy where we assess, from the nature of the vaginal surface, where she is in the cycle. In order to hone in on the most critical days, we also use blood progesterone levels. This enables efficient planning of the breedings, be they natural mating or artificial insemination.

Artificial Insemination - Fresh Semen

If natural mating does not or cannot occur for any reason, the bitch can be inseminated. Monitoring for correct timing is done. Bitches are inseminated every 48-hours during the peak season.

Artificial Insemination - Chilled Semen

A network of experienced vets have been set up around South Africa. Semen can be collected and chilled. It is then shipped, same day, to the appropriate province for insemination.

Artificial Insemination - Frozen Semen

Semen can be frozen and stored at -196 degrees Celcius. In this state, semen can be imported from any country in the world. Also semen can be frozen and stored from males for future use. The timing of insemination is critical for success and bitches are closely monitored. Semen must be deposited directly into the uterus.

Semen Freezing

Semen from dogs can be successfully frozen and then stored in liquid nitrogen as long as needed. It can only be frozen if the quality prior to freezing is of a good quality, and this is established before processing. Semen is stored at our facilities. Trips can also be arranged to other parts of South Africa such as Johannesberg or KZN to freeze semen when there are enough males for freezing.

Caesarians & pre-partal monitoring

The clinic performs both elective and emergency caesarians and provides a service to determine the correct date to safely perform caesarians and minimize loss of puppies for breeders. Our temperature controlled incubator provides a comfortable environment for the puppies while waiting for mom to wake up.

Pregnancy Scanning and maintenance

Pregnancy can be scanned using ultrasound and problem pregnancies can be managed.

Infertility Cases

Infertile or subfertile animals are investigated and treated accordingly.

Semen Evaluation

The quality of any male dog’s semen can be evaluated prior to planned breeding or to investigate cases of infertility.

Transcervical Endoscopic AI

We are now excited to be able to offer TCI as an option for direct intra-uterine insemination.

Equine Reproduction Services

We offer pregnancy and general reproduction examinations, fresh, chilled and frozen semen AI. We also offer equine embryo transfer, stallion semen freezing, phantom training and semen collection for chilling.

Vaccinations & Microchips

We primarily use CommuniPet Animal Microchip Identification, but also FiveStarID Pet Microchips and Get Me Known Microchip Service according to preference.

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