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Focusing on the specific needs of dog and horse breeders, as well as the occasional other species. We focus on the needs of breeders from breeding to birth and neonatal care.

Fertility Problems

We assist with various fertility problems in both males and females and accept referrals from veterinarians nationwide.

Inclusive Service

A significant part of our service includes guiding breeders with their bitches before and during whelping, and performing elective as well as emergency caesareans.

Premium Service

We offer vaccinations, deworming and microchipping at competitive prices for dog and horse breeders as well as veterinary health certification and blood testing for travelling animals.

Storage, Import & Export

We freeze dog and stallion semen, and offer storage for frozen semen. We also assist with importation and exportation of frozen semen to and from South Africa

Canine Reproduction Services

All canine and equine reproduction services are offered including fresh, chilled and frozen semen AI, semen freezing and embryo transfers in horses. We also assist with timings for natural matings.

Equine Reproduction Services

These include pregnancy scanning, insemination with fresh, chilled and frozen semen, stallion phantom training and semen collection and evaluation and embryo transfers.

Service of Excellence

We strive to serve dog breeders by focusing on their special needs. Every puppy is considered valuable and assistance is given in taking care of weak or sick puppies.

About Us

Cape Animal Fertility Clinic is a specialised veterinary clinic focusing on the specific needs of breeders.

Dr Shuttleworth has been running her practice, Cape Animal Fertility Clinic, since 2003.

Dr. Rachel Shuttleworth

BSc, BVSc, MMedVet gyn

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    Cape Animal Fertility Clinic
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    Vicky Henry
    Vicky Henry
    14:48 17 Nov 20
    Our Ruby has had 2 successful C-sections with Doc Rachel. She is capable and caring and knows her stuff! We trust her... with our girl and would recommend her to anyone!read more
    Regina Rogotzki
    Regina Rogotzki
    19:24 20 Oct 20
    Over worked and over eager to make money! I was waiting 1.5 hrs for cesarean, she couldnt move due to over worked -... back pain. Instead of sending us away, she had more then 8 attempts to find a vain. Which fell out later. Her dogs were running through the "OP theater", doors open, got cold. After, she called someone coz she was hungry...with no words I got any information about the little fellow, other then : stuff her under your shirt whilst driving.๐Ÿ˜ณ Puppy is dead! congratulation!read more
    Lionsriver Ridgebacks
    Lionsriver Ridgebacks
    07:43 06 Oct 20
    Rachel are the bestโค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    Melvyn Neal
    Melvyn Neal
    20:15 28 Sep 20
    I have only received the best service at an affordable price. Keep up the good work dr.Rachel.
    Carlo Antha
    Carlo Antha
    13:16 29 Aug 20
    Excellent service @ Dr Rachel
    Ederies Mokadam
    Ederies Mokadam
    20:27 23 Aug 20
    Rachel is the only Vet we trust with our dogs. I highly recommend everyone I know to her practice
    Lynelle Kok
    Lynelle Kok
    09:57 15 Aug 20
    Our girl has been under the guard of dr Rachal. You notice her love for and her kindness towards the animals from the... on set!! I would recommend her in a heart beat!!read more
    Clayton Collins
    Clayton Collins
    09:43 08 Jul 20
    Dr Rachel Shuttleworth and Chantel are top notch. Would recommend Cape Animal Fertility Clinic to anyone.
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